attilaNovember 26 Assembly

The Croydon Assembly is being recalled to prepare a People’s Plan for the borough that aims to put communities in charge of making the decisions that affect their lives.

Many people have told us how powerless they feel. Decisions about local jobs, housing, education, nursery provision, care for older people, surgeries, hospitals, transport, local amenities, parks and open spaces are out of our hands.

Our voices and interests are ignored in favour of developers and what the government tells the council to do. Democracy is noticeable by its absence in Croydon just as it is throughout the UK.

There is a growing demand for change. This was seen in both the impressive social movement that supported Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Leader of the Labour Party and also in the EU referendum result which expressed, among other things, people’s frustrations with the political set-up at local and national level.

On November 26, the day will belong to you. After an introduction by Philipa Harvey, former president of the National Union of Teachers and local activist, we will break into groups to discuss how we plan to put people in control and create a proper democracy in Croydon and beyond.

In the afternoon, groups will focus on key issues like housing, education, social care, transport, local employment and council services to develop proposals to go into the People’s Plan. These will be brought together in a session of the whole Assembly, so preparing a practical programme for campaigning at local level.

The views and experience of you, your family members, friends, neighbours and fellow campaigners are needed in this discussion. Register for this important event here at Eventbrite

Big turnout for EU referendum – in, out, abstain debate

A packed meeting at Ruskin House on June 9 took part in Croydon Assembly’s EU referendum debate. They heard Eddie Dempsey, RMT national executive member, arguing for a vote to Leave the EU and Steve Freeman, from the Republican Socialist Alliance, called for an abstention. Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS, spoke in favour of Remain.



Mark Serwotka

Eddie Dempsey
Steve Freeman

Manifesto 2016 published

The fourth Croydon Assembly held on March 19, 2016, saw the launch of our Manifesto 2016. This was drafted by a number of working groups last year and came before our November 2015 Assembly for discussion and amendment. Please read/download and circulate¬†as widely as possible. The March 19 Assembly was addressed by Matt Wrack (right),20160319_114057 leader of the firefighters’ union, Philipa Harvey, president of the National Union of Teachers, Ted Knight, Assembly chair, Dr Philip Howard, BMA, Paula Peters from Disabled People against Cuts, Nick Mattey, Stop the Croydon Incinerator, Ellen Lebethe from the National Pensioners Convention and representatives of other campaigns.

Croydon Assembly is an initiative of Croydon Trades Union Council

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