What next after the election?

TakingControlEbookFestival for unity, diversity and democracy
Saturday, June 24

12.30-4.30 at Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon CRO 1BD

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An elected Labour Government will need the support of local communities in its battle to break the grip of the political and econonomic establishment.

If the Tories win, we will be up against a one-party state.

Our People’s Plan can show the way forward to democratic transformation, that empowers working people in the struggles that lie ahead.

Join us at the 5th Croydon Assembly to discuss what has happened, what it means for our communities and the action we have to take.

  • Masterclass with professional photographers

  • Jerk chicken and other delicious food

  • Campaign Stalls

  • Beer in Ruskin House bar

  • Open Mic for spoken word and poetry

  • Bookstall

  • Developing the People’s Plan for Croydon

People’s Plan for Croydon published

Who is in control of our borough? Not working people, that is for sure. Decisions about local jobs, housing, education, nursery provision, care for older people, surgeries, hospitals, transport, local amenities, parks and open spaces are out of our hands.

Our voices and interests are ignored in favour of developers and what the government tells the council to do. Democracy is noticeable by its absence in Croydon just as it is throughout the UK. The Croydon Assembly that met in November 2016 came together to debate the absence of any meaningful democracy in the area and to propose an alternative People’s Plan for the borough and beyond.

This draft is drawn from the discussions that took place on November 26, when a diverse group of people, representing different points of view, campaigns and political movements, devoted a day to debating power and democracy. DOWNLOAD A FREE E-BOOK OF THE PEOPLE’S PLAN FOR CROYDON