Assembly chair Ted Knight calls on councillors to mobilise communities against the government

Platform at the ‘Save Our Schools’
Assembly on February 24

Ted Knight, chair of the Croydon Assembly, has launched the People’s Manifesto for the council elections, calling for a  mobilisation of communities against the government.

The General Election of last year had made it very clear that communities in Croydon, as in Britain at large, wanted austerity, an end to rising inequality and the loss of services.

Speaking at the ‘Save Our Schools’ Croydon Assembly on February 24, Ted Knight added: “We want a properly funded social care system , a decent education for our children and young people, social housing at rents we can afford and real full-time jobs at decent wages.” Read more

Video greeting from John McDonnell MP, the Shadow Chancellor

Croydon Assembly’s ‘Save our Schools – Stop Education Cuts’ developed an action programme on four fronts when it met on February 24 at Ruskin House. 

The working groups met following the launch of the Assembly’s People’s Manifesto for the council elections and a video message from John McDonnell MP, the shadow chancellor. 

Here are the summaries of discussions from the four working groups. They will be used to develop an action plan and update our manifesto. Read more

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 WANTED: Policies for a
housing emergency
Wednesday October 18 7.30PM
Ruskin House
23 Coombe Road
Croydon CRO 1BD

 Croydon’s housing emergency is plain:
–         there are 2,500 homeless households in temporary accommodation. Many have been there years
–         Croydon has 4,500 households on the waiting list for council homes
–         over half of private tenants are dependent on housing benefit because rents have soared
–         almost 1,000 families were made homeless last year as a result of unaffordable rents
–         the number of empty homes in Croydon has risen 400% since 2013
–         house prices have rocketed, putting them beyond the reach of most local Croydon residents.

Croydon Council claims it’s doing its best. But too many council schemes seem to favour private developers. And through Brick By Brick, the council is acting like the developers in imposing new schemes on estates while ignoring residents’ views. Meanwhile, Tory attacks on welfare add to housing misery. As for private landlords, they are out of reach and out of control. Tell us what policies councillors should back at next May’s election. We will then campaign with you to get support for your ideas. After a couple of guest speakers, the floor will be open to you.


People’s Plan for Croydon published


Who is in control of our borough? Not working people, that is for sure. Decisions about local jobs, housing, education, nursery provision, care for older people, surgeries, hospitals, transport, local amenities, parks and open spaces are out of our hands.

Our voices and interests are ignored in favour of developers and what the government tells the council to do. Democracy is noticeable by its absence in Croydon just as it is throughout the UK. The Croydon Assembly that met in November 2016 came together to debate the absence of any meaningful democracy in the area and to propose an alternative People’s Plan for the borough and beyond.

This draft is drawn from the discussions that took place on November 26, when a diverse group of people, representing different points of view, campaigns and political movements, devoted a day to debating power and democracy. DOWNLOAD A FREE E-BOOK OF THE PEOPLE’S PLAN FOR CROYDON


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